Copywriting that makes a lasting impression

People read and recall what arouses them. Regardless of your mission, whether to inform, sell, or educate, an evocative name and engaging story can be more motivational than boring blurbs and dull data.

Imagine that you developed a new product that happens to be known in your industry as a “sniffer”. You could introduce it with its model number—or something more memorable.

Image of a full-page print ad with the headline “Can you identify the Real Sniffer?” followed by a matrix of six photos, all but one of which prominently features a nose. There is a big red and white nose on a hairy primate, a shark, a cute little puppy, a cow, and a woman sniffing wildflowers. Among these images is a product photo of a portable industrial sniffing leak detector. All six photos have humorous captions that are too small to read on screen.

We launched this new product with a humorously informative ad that won a publisher’s award for “highest application-based readership”. It means that real prospects read and remembered the story before asking for “The Real Sniffer” by name.

This image represents a 2-page spread inside a printed technical sales brochure for the portable helium leak detector featured in the ad above. Here, the “Real Sniffer” is revealed to be the manufacturer’s model MD-490S, the newest addition to our client’s line of industrial leak detectors.

No words are more important than the words in your press release, most especially the headline. Here, the “hook” is clearly quantified in a compelling value statement without any need to mention your gigantic competitor’s name.

This is an image of the top of an actual press release with the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” followed by the headline “Revolutionary InteMod Control System provides plug-and-play control to OEMs in 1/2 the time at 1/3 the cost”, which is an example of a value statement that is effective because it is clearly quantified.

Whatever your goal, effective communication is an art. The following pages briefly suggest more of the things that we can do for you. If you like what you see but don’t see what you want, just ask.


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