Headshot of a man wearing a Basque-style beret, round sunglasses and winter coat standing on a beach somewhere on the north shore of Long Island.

Who are those guys?

James “Moyssi” Moyssiadis and Jeanette Haglich

Moyssi  developed and honed his creative communication skills working with more than a hundred small-to-midsize business clients in high-tech, manufacturing, entertainment, and professional services. “If we want to make a difference, then we need to think differently, and that’s what we do best.”

Close-up photo of a brown-haired woman next to a gargoyle-like creature made of stone; she is wearing sunglasses.

Jeanette  joined Industrial Success after 12 years managing worldwide advertising for New York City-based Plenum Publishing company. Jeanette and Moyssi work well together as a creative team with very different kinds of professional experience. Jeanette also manages the business operations. “One of my jobs is to make sure that the creative doesn’t think too differently.”

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